Joy of Sex was a band from Cardiff, UK, and this was our blog.

We changed our name to TOTEM TERRORS and pretty much carried on as normal.

Come and say hello.

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Our practice today was supplemented by our first joint experience of a Graze Box (and thermos of hot coffee). Given I missed my alarm and subsequently had to make the train within 15 mins of waking up, the coffee in particular was important, though I’m still amazed I managed with glued-shut overslept eyes to make a thermos of coffee and not a vase of gravy. The natural/good-for-you/healthy pockets of posh nosh inside the brown cardboard box were also incredible. I’m not in the habit of making recommendations, and certainly not product recommendations, but seriously, amazing. Packaging wins me over every time (note to music industry: appreciation of such things is one good reason why there is still a market for physical music product if enough care is taken with it’s packaging. See: Shellac records etc) Anyway, we have “get one free” codes if anyone’s all that interested.

Also, on the way home we pass a sweets warehouse, which made me wonder if there was also room in the marketplace for a Craze Box instead; handfuls of brightly coloured, additive-stuffed sugar-bullets delivered direct to your home or your workplace or your greedy, greedy mouth. Maybe I’ll set up a rival business in order to generate enough money to buy Graze Boxes every day. The irony.

Oh, yeah, we worked on some SONGS and stuff today, too. That’s mostly what we did at practice. Wrote and rehearsed new songs. Y’know, being a band and all.

A Buffalo gig last night, early enough to qualify as some kind of matinee performance, saw us take the stage at five to eight. There was a curfew at the bar which meant the bands had to be finished by 10. No-one seemed to know why, but following a stage-to-DJ-platform transition so smooth it couldn’t have been done quicker at Fat Sam’s speakeasy, it became evident that whatever was in store was going to feature a room full of tarty women and some of the world’s most obvious reggae records. That seemed to provide a suitable cue to leave at any rate, and the early finish meant we were able to enjoy being ferried home via public transport instead of shanks pony, a fortuitous turn of events given I’m still nursing a football injury which means my pony can only go so far at the moment before crying like a girl.

On a side note, why is public transport in this country so pedestrian? A recent venture to London ended in tears (followed by some persuasion to get on a Bristol bus instead, followed by a four hour overnight meander around Bristol knocking on a variety of Hotel doors to no avail, followed by high priced tickets on the first train home at 7 am) when we missed the last train home, at like, 10:50pm or something, which isn’t even bedtime for some kids these days. My phone says we’re living in the 21st century, but the public transport infrastructure suggests it’s actually still the 1960’s.

Anyway, we were first on (at the gig, not the aforementioned busses and trains) at an I Blame The Parents records night, IBTP being responsible for our last single release. We were playing with The Outdoor Types, who I’m led to believe have a new album out, and Gindrinker, who appeared with us on the single and looked like this on the night :

I didn’t get a crowd photo; a pre-gig idea to take one during the drum break of Imagine A Dog seemed too likely to result in me still taking out-of-focus pictures when I should be singing instead, so I wimped out. We’ve played Buffalo (and taken photographic evidence to prove it) so many times now that if we get any more pictures we’ll be forced to make one of those clever time-lapse photo things. Which might actually be pretty cool.

Anyway, gig was fun, the other bands were good, Gindrinker’s new Billie Holiday song was great on what turned out to be it’s first airing, and I got chance to try out the new Wobblebox bass pedal I made in the week:

Which was lovely. Next, something different.

We have another gig coming up, and it’s an I Blame The Parents records night, them being the fine people (or person) who put out our split-single not so long back. 

We’ll be playing with these fine gentlemen:

And these fine gentlemen:

It’s at Buffalo Bar Cardiff, our home-away-from-home (by which I mean venue-in-our-hometown-we-play-more-than-anywhere-else-for-no-apparent-reason), it’s on Friday and it’s a few quid on the door and there’ll be all sorts of prizes you can win (albums and singles and stuff) simply by handing some money to the bearded guy on the other side of the merch stand.

Do we have a date or what?

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